Sunday, October 16, 2011

Famous First Grade Scientists - Hanna and Evander

It has been a while since I last posted..... And we have had 2 scientists since then. Yay!

Hanna did an awesome experiment using ice, water, salt, and a string. She filled a cup up with ice and water. Then, she held a string over the ice and poured salt on top of it. She held the string there for about a minute. When she lifted the string out of the water the ice had stuck to the string. The kids thought this was so cool. They had Hanna do it again a second time!

Evander was chosen as our next scientist. He rolled a piece of paper up, held it to his eye, and placed his hand next the to roll. When looking through the paper he saw a circle on his hand. Very cool! The kids all wanted to try this and were amazed when it worked and they could actually see a circle on their hands.

Great Job to both of our scientists! You ROCK!

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