Friday, April 29, 2011

Super Students!

Slater became our first member of the 100 Book Club today. He has read over 100 books this year. Way to go Slater!

Jennalee was our Famous First Grade Scientist this week. She did a really cool experiment with water, pepper, and dish soap. She filled a bowl with water, then poured pepper into the water. The pepper floated on the water. Then, she put dish soap on her finger and stuck her finger into the water. The pepper immediately went to the sides of the bowl. Very neat! Great job Jennalee!



We are studying animals and animal habitats right now in science. It is also on of my favorite units. One of the activities the kids had to do was draw an ocean scene. Then they had to tally mark the number of each ocean creature they choose to include in their drawings and write a story about it. I love how they turned out! I really have some talented artists this year!

This is another animal activity we did this past week. My firsties drew a picture of any animal they wanted to. Then, they wrote clues about their animal. After that, they read the clues and we tried to guess their animal. Lots of fun!

That was Joanna's. She is such a great artist!

It just amazes me how talented these kids are! Wow!

Thursday, April 28, 2011

When I Grow Up.....

One of my favorite units in social studies is community helpers. We did this unit back in March, but I just recently took down the bulletin board. It was so cute and I just couldn't make myself take it down. We spend an afternoon having "Career Day". Various people from the community come and talk to the first graders about their jobs. After Career Day I have my students tell me what they want to be when they grow up and then we create these super, cute people! Here are several that turned out great!

I just LOVE them! Aren't they so stinkin' cute?!
Now you know why they are so hard to take down!

Spring Field Trip Time = Exciting

Our field trip to Silver Wings and Fireman's Park was a day full of fun. I really enjoyed watching all the kids skate. I had several that looked like pros out there and a few who experienced skating for the very first time. It was so neat to watch them help each other. What a great day!

The park was fun too. We are so thankful it was a beautiful, sunny day. By 2:00 that sun was getting pretty hot though. =  )


We dyed a total of 9 dozen eggs and I think they turned out great!!

We also decorated Easter egg sugar cookies. The cookies were made by Old Town Bakery from downtown and boy, were they delish! Here are Joanna, Jacklyn, Autumn, and Leyna showing off their cute, yummy cookies.

I hope you all had a Happy Easter!