Sunday, October 16, 2011

Busy Learning Lots!

We have been so busy learning these past 2 weeks! Take a look at some of the wonderful things going on in Room 104! I am so proud of my sweet firsties!

We learned about Christopher Columbus and his 3 ships and made these cool messages in a bottle.

We made a class book titled If I Were An Explorer.

We are using our socks for skip counting by 2s and odd and even numbers.

I am so excited about our new bulletin board, Even and Odd Street! We made these awesome houses when learning about odd and even numbers.

In science we are learning about weather. We made a fun web of weather words.

Have a great week!

Famous First Grade Scientists - Hanna and Evander

It has been a while since I last posted..... And we have had 2 scientists since then. Yay!

Hanna did an awesome experiment using ice, water, salt, and a string. She filled a cup up with ice and water. Then, she held a string over the ice and poured salt on top of it. She held the string there for about a minute. When she lifted the string out of the water the ice had stuck to the string. The kids thought this was so cool. They had Hanna do it again a second time!

Evander was chosen as our next scientist. He rolled a piece of paper up, held it to his eye, and placed his hand next the to roll. When looking through the paper he saw a circle on his hand. Very cool! The kids all wanted to try this and were amazed when it worked and they could actually see a circle on their hands.

Great Job to both of our scientists! You ROCK!

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Famouse First Grade Scientist - Gianni

Gianni was our scientist last week. His experiment was great! He held an index card up to his forehead and wrote his name on the card. I can honestly say that I had never tried this....until last week. Way to go, Gianni!

Johnny Appleseed Day!

We celebrated Johnny Appleseed Day last Friday. We had fun taste testing different types of apples and apple dipping sauces. We graphed our favorite of each. We also read Dr. Suess' 10 Apples on Top and did a writing activity to go along with the book. It was a great Friday!

What is your favorite type of apple? Do you have a favorite apple dipping sauce?

And what can you do with 10 apples on top?