Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Field Trip to the Airport and Antique Rose Emporium

Yesterday we had a blast on our field trip to the Airport and Antique Rose Emporium! At the Airport Mr. Butler talked to the kids about airplanes.Then, he let the kids get inside a few of the planes. They had so much fun!

After we explored the planes, we ate lunch. Then, Dr. Stoltenburg flew his plane for us. He did all sorts of tricks. It was awesome!

What a great morning at the Airport!

Next, we visited the Rose Emporium. Yes, it was hot! The kids went on a scavenger hunt while we were there. They searched for all sorts of things, including retiles, our state bird, amphibians, particular plants, etc. For as hot and dry as it has been you couldn't tell by looking at the flowers. They were in full bloom and were absolutely beautiful!

What a great day!

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